Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Typical Security in Roo (#springroo, #roo-typical-security)

Rohit Ghatol, the author of the typical security addon for Spring Roo has invited me to be a contributor.

So my first contribution was to fix the minor bugs I mentioned in my previous post.

The following are reflected in the 0.1.4.BUILD-SNAPSHOT of the typical security addon:

  1. Password encryption
  2. Fixed SimpleMailMessage Autowire bug in and
  3. Fixed activationDate
  4. Fixed the finders 
  5. Renamed UserModel to User and RoleModel to Role.
  6. Renamed the Typicalsecurity command to typicalsecurity
  7. Set the default entity package to ~.domain (to align with how the rest of roo works).
As always, both Rohit and I welcome your feedback on this tool.

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