Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Aversion to Multiple Versions

Well, after spending the past couple of days futzing around with my system, I am starting to get into the code. That's not too bad, but the one thing that I had forgotten is how version dependant everything is.

I've had Maven 3 installed on my system for a while. My first attempt at building some sample Spring code failed... no, I didn't save the error. But when I investigated it, I got the message that this particular error resulted from a bug in Maven itself, and I should report it. Well, not wanting to waste anyone's time, I figured I should at least make sure I had the latest version of Maven. Well, sure enough Maven is now up to 3.2.5 and I only had version 3.0.5. No big deal right? Just run apt-get update and then upgrade. Well, wouldn't you know it, I've got the latest version from the Ubuntu repository. After goofing around a bit with adding another repository, I decided to just download the latest and install it beside the one that apt-get installed and change the symbolic link to mvn. Sweet, now, lets try again. Not so fast... the sample code I was trying to build doesn't work with the latest Maven.


OK, get the right Maven installed, and try again. Now I get messages that the lsbstdc++ package is missing dependencies! AAAARGHH! Back to apt-get build-dep.

OK, looking at this post it doesn't look all that bad, but there was a bunch of other stuff in there as well that had me almost ready to blow away my Windows partition and do a complete re-install with just Linux.

Now, what shall we build?

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